Pilates Reformer Class

$32.00 / single class

The Reformer is the most popular piece of Pilates apparatus. It has a moving carriage set upon a wooden (or aluminum) platform attached with springs … Continued

Pilates Tower Class

astoria pilates tower
$32.00 / single class

The Tower is a condensed version of the Cadillac (or Trapeze Table). It consists of a mat set upon a wooden platform, steel bars fastened … Continued

Pilates Chair Class

astoria pilates chair
$32.00 / single class

The Chair is a great piece of apparatus smaller in size than the rest. Simply, it’s a wooden (or aluminum) chair frame with a pedal … Continued

Pilates Full Circuit Class

$32.00 / single class

Get the best of everything in this power packed hour! The Pilates repertoire is sure to change with each consecutive class. Keeping those muscles challenged … Continued

Pilates Mat Class

$22.00 / single class

Build strength, stamina, and range of motion on the mat using your own body weight as resistance. Learn the Pilates system of exercise focusing on … Continued

Private Apparatus Training Session

astoria pilates private sessions
$90.00 / single session

A Private Apparatus Training session will consist of you and your instructor in the boutique section of our studio, completely separate from our group classes. … Continued

Duet Apparatus Session

$50.00 / person

A Duet Apparatus session will consist of you and one another person along with your instructor. This type of session flows best when the two … Continued

Semi-Private Session

$45.00 / person

A Semi-Private (Trio) session will consist of you and two other people along with your instructor. Sessions are 55 minutes in length and will utilize … Continued

Quad Session

$40.00 / person

A Quad Session consists of you and 3 other people, along with your instructor.  Sessions are 55 minutes in length and will utilize your choice … Continued