Joseph Pilates originally coined his method of exercise as “Contrology,  the Balance of Body and Mind”,  conscious control of all muscular movements of the body. He describes it as a corrective method of exercise.   In Joe’s writings he firmly believed that if his method was “universally adopted and taught in all of our educational institutions that it would not only eliminate needless human suffering, but will also reduce the necessity for more hospitals, more sanitariums, more homes for the crippled, more lunatic asylums, more reformatories, and more prisons”.

Joe felt that all human ailments are directly traceable to wrong habits which can only be corrected through the immediate adoption of right, natural, normal habits.  Joe’s lifelong study of the principles underlying and governing the laws of nature taught him that it is these laws which assures man of his birthright to mental and physical balance.

Zend Avesta Pilates is a private and personal space for meeting your emotional and physical fitness needs.  We emphasize setting a foundation for your practice by decompressing and synchronizing the mind with body prior to Pilates movement.  Integrate your soul with your powerhouse as you become one very strong entity and are ready to move with both power and grace.

You will always: Think and move smart.  Improve faulty movement patterns.  Respond, not react.  Choose health & abundance and much, much, much, more!

Defy Age: Do Pilates.