Private Pilates Packages

If you are here because you want RESULTS, start by selecting a Pilates Package.  See all packages and class descriptions under the “Bookings Tab”.  Then contact me to set up your training schedule.  Private, Duet, and Semi-Private Sessions are available in Central Point. Small Group Classes, Private Training and Mat Pilates are all available in Medford, within Superior Athletic Club.   No gym membership is required, but it is encouraged for your cardiovascular health.  If desired, a special Pilates Membership is available.  Mat Pilates is free of charge, with the purchase of a $12.00 day pass.  Please contact me for information!

If you are visiting for the first time, please contact the studio.  Let’s have a conversation and determine the best plan to move you forward! Following our discussion, I will send you the appropriate links for your purchase.

Getting started is really easy. Your Pilates journey begins as soon as you choose to try Pilates.

5 sessions

Commit to 5 private or group sessions in 6 weeks

You are getting your feet wet.  This is the first step towards commitment  to your well being; you just need some time to become addicted!

10 sessions Most Popular!

Commit to 10 private or group sessions in 12 weeks

This is the foundation and learning curve of your Pilates practice. This package is appropriate for the student who wants to train 1x/week and occasionally 2x’s/week.  When complete, you will have a great sense on how best to proceed with your practice.

20 sessions

Commit to 20 private or group sessions in 12 weeks

“In the first 10 sessions, you will feel the difference, by 20 sessions you will see the difference, and by 30 sessions, everyone else will see the difference”

You are on your way! Keep going!

This package is most economical for the student who wants to train 2-3x’s a week.

Already have some pilates experience and in relatively healthy condition? Sign up for a Level I apparatus class.

Prefer to start small? Select one of our introductory package options:


Understanding Pilates Packages

Packages are designed with you, the student, in mind. Pilates students that seek training want to learn the method.

To learn the method you must be present and consistent. Even one session/week is a small commitment that can be easily broken. Your investment is your first incentive to stay on course.

Remember, think realistically about what you want. Results are what happen here.

It’s important to be realistic with your availability, and also with your expectations and what your body’s condition is.

Pricing options range from $27.00 a group class, to $36.00 for a “one off” session.

Private training sessions range from $65.00 a session to $95.00 for a “one off” session.