Get the best of everything in this power packed hour! The Pilates repertoire is sure to change with each consecutive class. Keeping those muscles challenged and the mind guessing is a sure way to keep the body changing. You will split your time working on the Reformer, Tower, and Chair. Demonstration of proficiency of all exercises on all of the apparatus is required for enrollment. Full knowledge of the apparatus is a must. This class is designed for the individual who desires a challenging workout and is not dealing with any body injuries or issues. Instructor approval is necessary prior to enrollment. Private Sessions and/or steady attendance in the Reformer, Tower, and Chair classes are the best way to prepare for this experience! This class accommodates 12 students.

Class Type: Group Apparatus Classes
Single class $35.00
4 class package $120.00
8 class package $224.00
12 class package $300.00
Starter package: 2 Group Apparatus Classes $50.00
Starter package: 2 Private Sessions w/Owner $160.00

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