astoria pilates tower chair

Like other combination classes, we will keep you challenged mentally and physically spending part of the class on the tower, and the other part on the chair. The exercises and duration of time on each piece of apparatus will also vary from class to class. A great way to transition into a full chair class, as we prepare the abdominals for the more advanced chair exercises. This is a great class when you’re feeling the need for some real centering and balancing. The two pieces of apparatus complement one another beautifully providing the deepest need for concentration. Basic Tower classes are a prerequisite for admittance. Instructor approval is necessary prior to enrollment. This class accommodates 8 students.

Class Type: Group Apparatus Classes
Single class $35.00
4 class package $120.00
8 class package $224.00
12 class package $300.00
Starter package: 2 Group Apparatus Classes $50.00
Starter package: 2 Private Sessions w/Owner $160.00

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