astoria pilates reformer chair

Continue to fine tune your Chair skills while keeping up with your Reformer progress. Cross train in this wonderful combination class, incorporating the steady flow of the Reformer with the mental and physical challenges of the Chair. A very dynamic combination class that will keep you will training intensely. It’s great on a day you need to move and get the energy flowing, to winding down your session with that awesome feeling of internal strength. Every class will change between the length of time shared on the apparatus and the exercises performed. Basic Reformer classes are a prerequisite for admittance. Instructor approval is necessary prior to enrollment. This class accommodates 8 students.

Class Type: Group Apparatus Classes
Single class $35.00
4 class package $120.00
8 class package $224.00
12 class package $300.00
Starter package: 2 Group Apparatus Classes $50.00
Starter package: 2 Private Sessions w/Owner $160.00

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