Defy Age; Do Pilates…..stay sharp, young, social, and fit at Zend Avesta.

23 years ago I found Pilates, following the birth of my first child.  Having gained 70 lbs. on my petite 5′-1″ frame, I needed to take action!  Prior to this I did not lead an active lifestyle and was terrified of the “gym scene”.  At 11 months post natal, I sought a womans’ gym with childcare, where I was first introduced to the Pilates Mat.  It was during my first set of hip circles that I knew this was the exercise method for me! What I didn’t know was that I would be leaving my beloved career as an architectural Interior Designer to become a passionate Pilates trainer….huh?   Yes, I left the corporate world of glamorous design to make a greater impact on peoples lives.  As my personal practice and business evolved I was training men and women with a variety of conditions, mostly women who were suffering from emotional trauma accompanied by excessive weight gain and or chronic pain.  Although the origin of trauma for each individual varies, the healing process through the use of Pilates is essentially the same.  I am a compassionate trainer who will ensure you comprehend the mindful attributes that Pilates requires to create the space for healing to begin, and changes to be made.

When looking for a Pilates trainer you should seek someone who’s teaching style resonates with you.  You want to feel comfortable with them and in their environment.

Be realistic but articulate your expectations. Don’t hesitate to bring up your questions and concerns. Realize that you are entering into a commitment to yourself in partnership with your trainer.

When you train with me, you’ll receive personal expert advice and quality instruction.  You’ll  quickly understand the method and how to apply it in your body.  You’ll  gain strength and endurance with calm and ease, in both mind & body.  I offer a true Pilates practice through the use of Joe Pilates’ principles.