What does it mean to have a pilates practice?

Pilates is not generally a “one off” type of exercise.  You have to practice Pilates in order to become proficient in it, and to yield results.  It takes a willingness to learn, patience, experience, and repetition for your mind and body to process the instruction you are being given.  Everyone learns at a different pace.  Pilates is physical and keeps the mind sharp!

How many times per week should I practice pilates?

The more frequently you practice pilates the quicker you will gain an understanding of the method.  Some people find that one day a week on the apparatus is enough for them to feel improvement in their body and their movements.  Some in this group notice pain creeping back a few days before their next scheduled session.  Students who train 2 x’s/week start to notice different degrees of relief from their ailments, and they’re happier.  Training 3 x’s/week is the sweet spot; you’re feeling good AND really getting into shape!

Do I need experience on the mat before I learn the equipment?

No, mat work is not a prerequisite for the equipment. When working on the equipment you are working with resistance and assistance of the spring system, both increasing and decreasing the tension levels. On the mat you are working with your body weight only as resistance. Working on the equipment will bring your practice to a different level. The Reformer alone can add over 500 more exercises to your repertoire.

Do I have to take private sessions before I can attend group classes?

If you are recovering from injury and would like to participate in group classes, then yes.   For your safety and efficiency you can start with a round of private sessions that suit your schedule.  You and I will assess your progress together.  If you have practiced other mind/body exercises before and know your personal modifications during movement, then you can join a beginner or mixed level class without taking private sessions.  If you’re not sure, let’s have a discussion!

Should I purchase one class at a time, how does this work?

If you only plan to do pilates once in a while, then a single class session is suitable.  Otherwise there are discounted packages available, for consistent training.   When you commit to starting a practice you can choose between 5, 10, or 20 session packages..  No contracts, no long term commitments!  You set the pace.

How are classes structured?

There are beginner,intermediate, and advanced level classes to choose from.  Start with a beginner level class so that your trainer can evaluate your pilates fitness level and guide you to the appropriate class from there.

How do I book classes at the studio?

All session types and packages can be purchased online, via our web scheduler.  Select your package and contact the studio to set up your personal training  or duet sessions.  Group classes are scheduled on our calendar and should be purchased and booked via our web scheduler.  Please contact the studio if you have any questions or concerns.

When does my package expire?

Packages are offered in 5, 10 or 20 session options.  If you are interested in training 2-3 x’s per week, the 20 session package is the most economical.  Please refer to the bookings page for all package expiry dates.

If I can’t keep my session, will I lose it?

There is a 24 hour reschedule policy.  If you know in advance that you will miss class you have 24 hours to reschedule that class within the remaining time frame of your chosen package.  If you have to cancel class in less than 24 hours, that class will be marked as taken.  All sessions expire in 4 weeks.  If there is a “situation”, let’s have a discussion.

Do you have a waiting room available?

We do not have a separate waiting room, but we do have seating in our open studio.  Due to the layout of the studio and the intimacy of our sessions, please enter only 5 minutes prior to the start of your session.