Meet Gina Vaccaro

Owner of Zend Avesta Ashland/Central Point Pilates

Defy Age; Do Pilates…..stay young, social, and fit at Zend Avesta.  I have been healing bodies and changing lives for over 20 years as a Certified Pilates Trainer.  I love Pilates and have seen it do amazing things for my clients.

When looking for a Pilates trainer you should seek someone who’s teaching style resonates with you.  You want to feel comfortable with them and in their environment.

Be realistic but articulate your expectations. Don’t hesitate to bring up your questions and concerns. Realize that you are entering into a commitment to yourself in partnership with your trainer.

When you train with me, you’ll receive personal expert advice and quality instruction.  You’ll  quickly understand the method and how to apply it in your body.  You’ll  gain strength and endurance with calm and ease, in both mind & body.  I offer a true Pilates practice through the use of Joe Pilates’ principles.