Welcome to The Mastermind Cycling & Pilates Mentorship Program!  I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you while supporting you in learning to love and maintain a long lasting healthy lifestyle through the use of indoor cycling and pilates.  In synchronizing the mind with the body you are guided through a physical, emotional, and visual experience created specifically to change old behavior patterns that do not serve you well.  These are behavior patterns that resist positive life changes, such as weight release (diet & exercise) to pain management, to surpassing a fear, or simply changing some unwanted behavior that you frequently resort to.  You will feel inspired and motivated to reach optimal levels of mental clarity, emotional happiness, and physical health.  This is a program that strengthens your mental muscles and awareness, resulting in a positive mindset that will bring a favorable outcome to the uncomfortable situation you are experiencing.  If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, this is your solution, a time when encouragement and support is vital to success!  I have personally been there and your Mastermind piers will also be there, by your side participating and encouraging you!  Experience the camaraderie of small, personal group training while strengthening your mental muscles through the study of the human faculties and pilates principles. In developing these faculties and principles you will learn how they impact your success in reaching and maintaining goals.

PROS: Consistency of a unique weekly exercise routine-exhilarating!                                                      CONS: NONE

Guided Self Study (develop awareness & mental muscles).

Weekly accountability email reports and action plans supporting your goals.

Daily discussions within The Mastermind Cycling & Pilates online forum.

Much, much,much more……….

Requirements for participation:

A STRONG DESIRE to change something about yourself.

The availability to attend a minimum of 2 cycle classes and 1 pilates group class or private session per week.


For further information please visit  www.mastermindcyclingandpilates.com

Email: gina@mastermindcyclingandpilates.com